Oshawa Driving School

Oshawa Driving School has been around for over 50 years, in that time not much changed in their branding and presence on the online world. They approached us in the new year wanting to get a completely new website as some of the old sites functionalities were not support by browsers anymore and it just needed a complete refresh anyway. Being that their branding has been so consistent we did not want to change much so it was down to making important information more accessible and to make it a more inviting website to visit for people looking for their services.

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Branding, Web Design, SEO, Ecommerce

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SEO was a big thing they lacked with their current site so moving to the WordPress CMS really was a no brainer and gave them much more control on keywords and where their page would show up on the web. Being able to update information regularly was also an important requirement with programs always changing; with some basic training they can now update program dates/times weekly without needing to contact us for assistance.

We are in the final stages of completing this project and will be live soon.


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Grafton | Ontario | Canada